Focusing on the greater Auckland region, a team member from Able Scaffolding will make a site visit to scope out your requirements, and inspect the site for any safety hazards. Following this site visit, a formal quote will be provided with all costs itemised.

Alternatively, if it's a new build, Able Scaffolding can quote based on detailed site plans.


Delivery & Erection

Once our quote is approved, all gear will be delivered to the site, based on a date agreed with the site foreman or building project manager. The scaffolding will be unloaded to a designated area and from here erection is quick and efficient, allowing all tradespeople to get on with their job sooner.


Regular Site Safety Inspections

We are committed to site safety. Once the scaffolding is up, we'll ensure all weekly site checks are undertaken. Any scaffolding that has to be moved for any reason can be relocated to it's correct position. Upon completion of this process, all site safety tags will be updated and the site foreman or project manager advised.


Dismantling & Removal

Through our regular site safety inspections, we'll get a gauge for how a project is tracking. When it gets closer to what should be the end of the quote contract term, we'll touch base with the site foreman or the project manager to assess any delays that have impacted on the dismantle date. Plans can be put in place for any project extensions, otherwise a team from Able Scaffolding will arrive on site to dismantle and remove the scaffolding, based on a time that is agreed to with the site foreman or project manager.